Where is the grace?

Where is the grace?

Hi friends. Wow, it’s already summer and I am still trying to get my groove back with participating in social media. Back in March I joined Wendy Speake’s social media fast. You can read more about it here. Since, I have really struggled with why I post or share my life happenings for the world to see.

Why I started

I started sharing my Bible journaling very shyly back in 2016. I’d seen and followed many who were very talented and inspiring. Some days those posts would really speak straight to my heart and I knew that in some way, God was reaching out to me when I needed him most. My hope was that maybe someday my creations and journaling God’s word would do the same for someone else. That was a big step for this very introverted, shy, and not quite so crafty person. But I felt God nudging so I shared to the Instagram world.

The good

As I started sharing more I found an entire new community of support from amazing virtual friends. These beautiful people spoke words of encouragement over each other sharing experiences and even sending happy mail packages with goodies to one another. So strangers that I never met face to face liked what I shared? They cared what I had to say or share? And they would pray for me just knowing I was in need with no strings attached? Sounds like a Jesus moment to me. That was truly a breath of fresh air and something I never anticipated.

The ugly

With all good, there is a cost, a temptation, an opportunity for Satan to wiggle his way in if allowed. And that is just what he did. As I started sharing more and seeing others posts I began to wonder if what I was doing or posting was good enough. I mean why would it be? I had no biblical training, no formal art education or had even taken a single art class. Maybe all those people were really laughing at my uncreative drawings or conversations I had with God. Maybe I was embarrassing God or offending him by my lack of knowledge? I thought, I must stop.

Not today

But then I remembered something….that is exactly what satan wants me to do. Nope, not today satan. So I will continue to share, continue rejoicing for Jesus in the way that brings joy and happiness. Spending time with God, journaling as he speaks to my heart, those are the times I am most at peace. I figure, if it’s bad they’ll just keep scrolling. It’s about Jesus, simple as that.

I pray each of you each continue to worship Jesus in a way that brings you joy and happiness. Our father is glorious!! May your days & nights be filled with God’s grace.

💕 Cindee