Stepping aside

Stepping aside

It’s been months. So much has changed, yet I sit in a place that feels to be stalled. Maybe it’s a fork in the road or my path.


We started the year in what felt as something was to come and the uncertainty of what that may be. And then it happened. The first pandemic of my lifetime, or least that I recall. COVID wrecked it’s way across the world. Not just the United States, but everywhere. Businesses closed, schools closed and curfews went into affect worldwide. Jobs lost, businesses folded unable to survive the loss in revenue. And most costly, precious lives were tragically taken leaving so many at a loss of loved ones.


I truly pray our world, our country returns to some sense of normalcy. I long for small businesses to be open, local restaurants to be able share one of a kind cuisine with their community. The time for kids to play at playgrounds with their friends, share crayons, toys and treasures with one another has faded. I miss being able to be able to see others facial expressions and smile as we walk through stores and businesses. What once was taken for granted, has become what we now desire.

Step aside

I have been blessed during this heartbreaking season. I did not suffer the loss of loved ones or friends. By the grace of God, have not had COVID. My family is all well as can be. I have felt the increasing need to step aside from social media for nearly a year and in November, made the decision to remove myself from Instagram and Twitter. With the recent Big Tech censorship, now know this was God taking me away from what would become a battle for my heart.

Where am I

I spend time trying to focus on what I can do, what positive impact I can have. Who can I pray for? Really, if we each extend one another kindness and grace I feel our days will become a bit easier. I plan to continue to share here on occasion and hope you’ll follow along.

I pray of for each you to be in Gods miraculous grace. May he comfort and keep you safe in your path.

💕 Cindee