So many things

So many things

Well here we are again with fall knocking on the door. I am not sure about all of you, but here in Florida most days are still above 80 degrees and humid. And although the leaves do not become the beautiful shades of red and orange, eventually our evenings will cool down. At least a little.

Praying for others

So we like much of the rest of the southeastern US, here in Florida we are in the finally nearing the end of hurricane season. Luckily, Hurricane Doreen moved through after Labor Day and spared us. But thousands of families in the Bahamas and other areas were affected, please join me in lifting up those affected in prayer. I pray each recovers quickly and feels God’s peace during this tragic time.

Eva Love

Wow has God moved his kingdom through this little girl. Although I do not personally know Eva or her amazing parents I have followed her story over the past weeks. Eva suffered a traumatic brain injury on August 27, 2019. Since, her family has been at her side and is asking for prayer for Eva. If you would like to follow her story, visit her parents on Instagram Lindsay Letters or Dugan Sherbondy. Please join me in praying for this sweet little girl and family.

Gratitude Documented

Before you know it, fall will be in full swing with both Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. I am in the midst of Gratitude Documented. As with past years, I am following Illustrated Faith’s daily prompts during the month of November. Each day journaling about what I am grateful for. If you’d like to join, you can find the daily prompts free in the Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Shop.

I pray each of you each continue to worship Jesus in a way that brings you joy and happiness. The Lord is glorious!! May your days & nights be filled with God’s grace.

💕 Cindee