Season’s pass

Season’s pass
I still cannot keep up with how quickly time passes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks and before  I can blink the current season has passed.  I suppose that is age but also attribute it to the pace at which society functions today.  A conscious effort is attempted by most  to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment. But life also demands us to move quickly or you might get left out or even left behind.

The lake

For the past few years my family has met at a beautiful home we rent for a week on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri.  It is a relaxing time of boating, water sports, and spending precious time with the grandkids.  It truly is like heaven to me, all those that I love the most are together under one roof.   My daughter and her family live in Minnesota, and my husband and I live in south Florida, so the physical distance is a bit challenging for us.  The memories we make are precious moments in time that we are blessed to be together.  Something I ntry not to take for granted. 

The storm

That Thursday evening will forever be sketched within those memories.     We came in off the lake around 5:30 pm as storms appeared  to be moving in. Weather alerts had been going off on all our cell phones throughout the day so the coming weather was not really surprising.  As we cleaned up and began preparing dinner, we realized a quick run to the store was necessary. So off my DH went to the little store down the street.  At 6:35 pm I sent him the weather alert I had just received wanting to make sure he was aware of the storm and hoping he would hurry back before the storm began. Which he gratefully did. Thank you God we were all safe and together inside. During dinner we watched outside as the storm came in. It was like nothing I have seen before as white caps from the waves and the high winds were crashing. There was a line, like an invisible wall where the lake was immediately calm. Because we were set back in a cove off the lake, the rough waters completely passed us by.   Within an hour all was calm again with the beautiful scene captured in the photo above. Later that evening a friend of my daughters sent her a text message asking if everyone was safe. We all looked shocked. He said there was an accident on a lake in Missouri where lives were taken. That is when we learned of the horrible tragedy on that evening.  There had been an accident on a duck boat excursion with 31 people onboard, 17 precious lives were lost that evening.   During the deadly storm that God had spared my family from had ended the season in the lives of others.   Our calm was another’s storm.

His Grace

I am so blessed and so grateful for the Grace and mercy of God.  My heart will always grieve for those precious lives and they will forever be in my prayers. Branson truly pulled together and demonstrated so bravely a community of believers that will always be strong and united. Friends, stop for a moment. Please do not let this season end or pass you by.  Hold on to those you love, treasure life and seek God’s plan for your life.  May your days and nights be filled with God’s grace. 💕 Cindee