My Tribe

My Tribe

It seems much like we each have seasons in our journey, those we follow and interact with come and go in our lives during those same seasons. I wanted to share with you all some great resources that have inspired my walk of faith and my journaling.  Hence,  the name My Tribe. These are my first go to for inspiration, or when I need to figure out something crafty.

Most of these are small businesses all with a big heart for their customers and have loyal fan base who through my own interaction, I can recommend with confidence. You will also find some amazing inspirational stories and people to interact with. These are part of my foundation within the Bible journaling community, My tribe. These are not sponsored or affiliates, just great people and places for you to check out.


First up, is Lindsey of Lindsey Decor. Lindsey has been INSTRUMENTAL in furthering my creative abilities. I can spend hours watching her YouTube channel as she shares everything from supplies, devotional kits, stamping, and watercolors. Lindsey even does a Tip Tuesday series where she focus on a specific topic her followers have reached out to ask her about. She is on many creative design teams and still finds time to teach us all. I promise you will learn amazing things from her. She has an amazing heart and passion for God and her faith. You can find Lindsey on Instagram @lindseydecor413 or catch her tutorials on her YouTube channel at LindseyDecor.

Stay tuned…I will continue sharing those who inspire my journey.  Until then, please feel free to share in the comments below who is in your tribe and inspires your journey.  I would love to hear.

May your days & nights be filled with God’s grace.

💕 Cindee