It’s fine, I’m fine, Everything’s fine

I almost don’t know how to start or where to begin. So I’ll just jump in and extend myself some grace. Like many of you, I find the days have become long, uninspiring and emotionally exhausting. Although I start each morning with a new “I’m fine”, as the day and the new reality of today’s world set in, that light grows dim and I succumb and give up.

A new day

But today is a new day. I vow It will be different than the last, I will cling to what brings me strength. But first, I need to make some changes. Put down my fear, anxiety and worry and realize I do not have it all together, and that’s fine.

Next, I am weak. God is strong and with him in our corner that is really all that matters. That’s how I get myself out of the darkness and my hope is revived through my faith in God. I pray, get out my Bible and throw myself into his word. What does that look like for me? Some days it is only five or ten minutes doing my daily reading. Other days it is jumping in with both feet to the Acts study I am currently working through (more about that later). It may be using the First5 App and reading their daily reading or devotional. On rare occasions I might even pull out my art supplies and spending time creating with God.


I have been asked Why? Why do you believe when we’re all going through this life altering pandemic? My answer is always the same. Today is just like yesterday and a million days before that. My God, my Savior has not changed and I will continue to look to him for the comfort, reassurance and peace he has always provided to me. Next, he’s consistent. God is a constant in a world where everything changes by the minute. Turning on the news or scrolling through any social media app will surely trample on any hope one has. God is my hope, his word feeds the hope within my heart and soul.

I pray each of you are doing well during these uncertain times. Please feel free to share how your getting through your days, I’d love to hear.

May your days & nights be filled with God’s grace.

💕 Cindee