Happy Birthday Illustrated Faith

Happy Birthday Illustrated Faith

Illustrated Faith turns 4

Four years ago Shanna Noel launched illustrated Faith. Like many others in the Bible journaling community, this amazing company has forever changed my walk with Christ.

I believe and always have in God as my Father and honestly cannot remember ever not having faith as part of who I am.  Of course I have had my trials, moments of questioning and lack of certainty but God always remains. He has always been the one that never leaves my side, walks with me leading the path.

Now, I am able to not only spend more time worshipping and demonstrating my faith, but have discovered peace and tranquility within creativity.  Some days, I can read a verse, devotional or hear a song and the inspiration just comes.

The blog

For those times when inspiration does not come as naturally as I would like, the Illustrated Faith blog is always a great place to visit.  It has endless inspiration from amazing and talented artists sharing their faith and creative tips or techniques.

The Print & Pray shop

Illustrated Faith also has a shop that you can purchase digital items created by more inspiring and talented artists that you may download for personal use in bible journaling, faith planning or just to doodle and study with.  There are printables ranging from devotionals, die-cuts, coloring sheets and even resources so your kiddos can join in too.   Even though I no longer have kiddos at home, I have been known to add those same adorable printables into my Bible.

Join the celebration

Right now to celebrate turning 4, the Print & Pray shop is having an awesome sale offering 50% off now through September 7th using code “PARTY4IF” at checkout.  This is the time to check out all the amazing online classes, devotionals and printables.

Friends, bible journaling and  Illustrated Faith have forever changed my life.  Join us in celebrating, what are you waiting for??  May your days and nights be filled with God’s grace.

💕 Cindee

**these are my honest feelings and opinions.  Illustrated Faith has in no way sponsored this blog post nor will I receive  any form of compensation for any purchases should you visit the Print & Pray shop (although I highly encourage it)