Faith & Lettering

Faith & Lettering

Hey friends!!!

If you have spent any time on social media, you have probably seen some of the beautiful hand-lettering, faux calligraphy or iPad lettering done by many talented artists.

One amazing artist I have been following for some time, Krystal Whitten, just recently launched a new book that you will not want to miss, Faith & Lettering. This series walks through everything you could possibly want to know if you are desiring to start hand lettering.

Krystal includes step by step instructions beginning with teaching the most basics of letter formation all the way through lettering projects and bible journaling. Included with the books is Krystal’s favorite recommended pen to start your hand lettering journey.

You can get find more details and how to get your copy of Faith & Lettering at I highly recommend this series whether you are just starting out or have been lettering for some time. There is something in these amazing books for everyone.

Until next time, be blessed by his Grace.

💕 Cindee