Gather the tools…

Gather the tools…

Unless you are already a crafty person (which I had never considered myself before Bible journaling) you are probably wondering where to start. I recommend starting with just the basics and items you already have on hand.


First, the most basic of supplies and by far the most important, a Bible. A bible that you will make your own, have access to whenever needed, and in the version you prefer. There is not a right or wrong version, just what you feel the most comfortable using. Some prefer not to actually do art in their bibles and that is okay. You can still illustrate your faith in a notebook, prayer journal, travelers notebook, or really in whatever works and you have readily available.

Something to write with

Initially, a pencil and eraser are always good to have. When I first started bible journaling I did everything in pencil first and once I was satisfied with my drawing, I would then move on to the next step.   From there it can be as simple as tracing over your sketch with a pen, coloring with colored pencils, or watercoloring.  Really, the possibilities are endless.  You can do as much or as little as you are led to.


This is where things got a bit tricky for me, I struggled with my layout (meaning what to put where) on the page. I had a vision in mind of what I thought my page should look like (hello mirror), the problem was executing a plan to get to that vision. I did not yet possess the skill or most importantly, the confidence in my ability that I could get there. So I would turn to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.  This is okay, but remember this is your time with God, your worship time alone.  You do not have to impress others and this truly is not about the art but your time with God.  This is where I initially got lost and missed the beauty of the process.

See at this time in my life, I needed this process for peace of mind, growing in my faith and really to understand me.  Had I not stepped back to gaze at what I was really trying to achieve, I would have missed God’s calling and message to me.

Start your Race

So with the most basic of supplies, open your Bible or journal and spend your time alone worshipping God.  Keep it simple.  I encourage you to step back in your journey and listen for him to knock, he is there friend,  you just need to answer.

Until next time, be blessed by his Grace.

💕 Cindee

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