Checking in…100 Days of Grace & Gratitude

Checking in…100 Days of Grace & Gratitude

Hello December

December is just around the corner. I have said it before it, but it warrants repeating, where did the past few months go?? I am not sure if life really is moving faster, I am moving slower or a combination of the two.

Grace & Gratitude

November started off with 100 Days of Grace & Gratitude. You can check out this post for more information if you would like to join in the fun. Committing to do something for 100 days really should not be that hard right? I mean we do plenty of tasks each and every day so why is this any different you ask…

  • Remembering to do it.  I know that seems like a no brainer but haven’t we all dropped into bed at night and remembered we forgot that one thing we wanted to do so badly? But just kept getting distracted or pulled into another direction as the time slipped away.
  • Setting time aside.  This really has to be quiet, me time. Time I deserve to take to spend time with God and should not be worrying about the tasks I could be doing. After all God is not going to care when I get to heaven if the laundry wasn’t folded immediately when the dryer stopped. That truly is me not letting go of the perfection.
  • My mind has to be in the game.  Since this devotional is all about gratitude I want to be present in the moment and really spend the time with my Savior on each and every message.
  • It is NOT about the pretty pages.  This is harder than it probably should be and we have all struggled with this at one time or another. I share my devotional pages on IG in hope to inspire someone else, bring a smile or moment of happiness to another person. I think it helps us connect to one another in this community and allows us to lift one another up. But still keep it simple.
  • Are you sure?  Yep, sometimes it happens. Okay, it happens more than I like. Sometimes I read the devotional, pray and then….that’s it. What? No image in my head? Are you sure God? I mean that’s how I relate to things. That’s how it moves and speaks to my heart and soul. And then he whispers, “Yes it’s just that”. These days friends, have almost become my favorite because I don’t need those images in my head… He is right there in my heart.

I may not have all my devotional pages perfect or pretty but for me that’s okay. I will just linger with God however he whispers to me. I pray you hear his whispers on your heart to friend.

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May your days & nights be filled with God’s grace.


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